A third-generation Master Tailor descended from Per (Gustav) Anderson, the legendary founder of the famous Savile Row tailoring house Anderson & Sheppard. Inspired by his cousin Edward Anderson, Thom trained in the tradition of Savile Row tailoring. He brings together his unique personality, a balance between tradition and technology uniting traditional handcrafted tailoring with fine machine work, creating a true-bespoke English tailored garment.

Initially apprenticing under a former Saville Row Master tailor Mr Roberts in 1982 while studying fashion at the now-defunct Mable Fletcher technical college, Liverpool. Here he learnt the old way of making coats and trousers which he carries on to this day.

With the decline in the luxury end of bespoke tailoring in the 1980s, Thom decided on a sudden career change. He worked as a sound engineer on numerous television and radio projects, live performance and post-production sound until a career-ending road traffic accident.

While recuperating Thom re-evaluated his life, deciding to return to his passion for tailoring and in 2015 set about rekindling his skills. Initially, through books and some excellent online forums. Once he had received a modest compensation settlement for his accident, Thom decided to formally retrain under the Savile Row trained Irish Master tailor Rory Duffy at his Handcraft Tailor Academy in the hills of Co. Monoghan to become an all-round Cutter and Tailor.