House Style

A quintessentially English cut, a clean chest with a high shaped waist with a single button closing creating an elegant long roll to the classically proportioned lapels. The gorge is of moderate height and in harmony with the gentle slope of the shoulder thus producing a more timeless appeal. The shoulders are slightly built with hand-worked pads to create a strong and more symmetrical shoulder line. A soft roping effect to the crown finishes off the look. The back of the coat sees drape worked into the hind-arm giving the wearer an excellent range of movement, following down the back is shaped into the waist, finishing with a gentle flare over the hip and seat. ​


Suspended from the shoulders Thom’s trousers are cut high on the waist to sit comfortably above the hip bone affording maximum comfort when sitting while looking sleek when standing, walking, and importantly comfortable when sitting. The legs are tapered through to the hem creating height and elegance. The trousers finished with two forward-facing pleats, a 1¾ to two-inch Turn-Up complete the Thom Bennett Bespoke look.

Whether double-breasted or single-breasted ​our waistcoats are cut close to the body with classical proportions.


Thom believes in quality and craftsmanship working in the way his forbears did keeping the traditional way of tailoring alive. Apart from the long straight-seams, every part of the garment is joined during a one-hundred-hour process of Thom's fine handwork using the best hand-sewing silk available. Using these traditional construction methods the garment is allowed to hang together making for softer seams while giving flexibility and strength unobtainable with a sewing machine.


Tailoring for those who want to wear a suit and not has to.