The Bespoke Offer

Bringing together luxury, tradition and craftsmanship from his West of England studio Thom can keep his prices affordable without compromise to quality for the discerning gent. Using cloths from some of the finest British Mills Thom offers an unbeatable price for the level of quality and handwork. In the post-COVID world, Thom is sensitive to his client's budgets. When making your order we ask for a 50% deposit to reserve the cloth and allow the work to proceed. We offer generous payment terms for the balance by spacing out the fittings.


For in-person consultations at your preferred location outside of the West of England, or via zoom we have a minimum order value of £2,340 (overseas £4,080) is required.

Thom cuts no corners creating timeless classics constructed to last a lifetime. To guarantee the lifetime of your Thom Bennett Bespoke garment, take advantage of our After Care Service. All our products are entirely hand and bench made, from cutting your unique pattern to setting sleeves, hand sewing buttonholes, linings and finishing. The canvas is full and floating, hand padded, as are the lapels and collar.


Trimmings are of the highest quality from Italian Cupro to the best of English silks, whether printed or the finest jacquards and plain taffeta. Buttons are of the finest buffalo horn, 24ct gold, stag, mother of Pearl buttons, olive wood. If money id no object we can source any trimming you desire.

Thom offers style and wardrobe consultations to find your perfect look.